3 Marketing Strategies to Jump Start Your Summer Sales

It’s Jul
y. Do you know where your marketing is? 

Prevent summer slumber and amp up your sales with these three important tips:

1.) You’re offering an opt-in for FREE that’s chock full of value….right?
Because if you’re not, it’s seriously time to hop on that bandwagon.
P.S.- An opt-in is an offering in exchange for someone’s email address. They get something for free- you get their contact info so you can shower them with love in the form of valuable newsletters, and offerings. Key word? Valuable.
If you’ve got service based business: create a free info product, like an e-book, a free consult or a handy guide that gives lots of value and a taste of your bigger offerings.
If you’ve got product based business: a free mini-product
, a coupon for 15% off the first purchase or even a free info-product. Example: you sell yoga mats… you should offer a free yoga ebook.
Sidenote: make sure your free offering is appropriate for your audience.

2.) You’re partnering up…right?
Here’s the magic equation:
Find someone with around the same progress as you in terms of audience numbers + someone whom your target audience will connect with THEN provide something of value that includes a collaboration. For example:
You sell furniture. Find someone who sells carpet. Write an ebook together on how to pair furniture and carpet. It’s really that simple.
Another example:

Your service is fitness coaching through weight training. Partner with a yoga teacher to create a video services that includes flexibility + strength.
BONUS! You can take a piece (like a chapter of an ebook or a part of a video series) and use that as your opt-in freebie! Genius!

3.) You’re on Pinterest…right?
Because if you’re not you’re hella missing out. Like, BIG TIME. People spend more time on Pinterest than both Facebook + Twitter. They also spend more moolah. Don’t believe me? Maybe Forbes will convince you.