3 Songs To Kick Off Your Autumn

Listen. I’m more tied up with projects this week than a businessman at a Hermès shop. I’m so engaged with my writing that I really ought to be pregnant.

See? Too busy to even make decent analogies.

So I wanted to share with you that almost none of my writing would ever get done if I wasn’t gobsmacked with incredible music.

These songs are coloring in all my lines and making me swelter in love with the vanishing world. My words are simply soaked in them.
Please share in my accelerating addiction to them.

Numero Uno:

Tempest by Lucius.
Shafts of sun beating on your back while you jump from a rope swing into a cool blue lake. Sweet sweet consonant-dripping lyricism. Crisp, harmonic splicing. A grounding riff at 2:08 calms you with subtle back beat and quiet jingles before it takes off like a Cessna in a lit-up rainstorm. Some songs can be friends that say all the right things at the right times. This is one of them.
Lucius isn’t touring NYC and when I found out I nearly cried.

Numero Dos:

Up To Our Nex by Robyn Hitchcock

From the soundtrack of Rachel Getting Married (great movie btw). Brassy anthem-worthy post-breakup-pick-me-up “fuck man we all make mistakes and we’re all in this mess together so let’s just love ourselves, ok?” kinda jam. OK. Now let’s go get our friends and sing this as loud as we can while we race our red Jeeps through fields of medical marijuana.

Numero Très:

Diamond Heart by Active Child

Active child, active child. He might be partially responsible for the first 30 pages of the fiction piece I’ve been cracking at for the past year.
I wish I studied music production just so I can tell you what’s going on here. All I can say is: Swelling hills fractured with glittering starflowers. That feeling you get when you’ve run too fast but it doesn’t matter that you’re out of breath because it reminds you that you’re alive. All the sharp edges of your insecurities + your immaculately-curated self-image shattering: glass needles hitting tile. There. Now you can  finally tell the people around you how you really fucking feel. As in: I think of you before I even open my eyes every morning. Or: I wish things were different. Or: You’ve hurt me but it was worth it just to know you. Or: I love you. That’s the kind of strength this song will give you.

As for me, I’ve got a diamond heart. Have a great long weekend. Make it as long as you can.