I’ve been wielding words like thunderstrikes,
professionally, for 10 lucky years.

In that time, I’ve worked on Wall Street as a lead copywriter for 16 industry-elite brands, ghostwritten books for personal
development king-pins, and inked up the internet for tech start-ups, agencies, and solopreneurs.

The commonalities between them?

They want to be understood by their audience.

They want to thrive, big-time in their market.

They want to be impactful, memorable, and relatable.

What more?

The brands I write for aren’t exactly what you’d call superficial.

Which was great, because I’m obsessed with providing simplicity where there is intricacy.

Clarity where there is high-level, dense complexity.

And radiant, sophisticated, on-brand copy that keeps important nuances…

while maintaining the accessibility your audience needs.

My work has been featured in:

  • Clients1

  • Understanding language down to its very root—where it’s come from, where it’s headed, and how it’s living in our society, right now. I firmly watch the language-scape and how it pertains to your business, marketing, and advertising. I understand how story-telling spit-fires neurons and why the Ogilivy print-ad method still works after 50 years. It is, quite literally, my job.
  • Deep investigation of your audience and industry from the standpoint of psychology, anthropology and sociology. This is a requirement for successful messaging. Words don’t exist in a vacuum.
  • A keen level of business acumen, meaning: I’m a business woman and copywriter—not a starry-eyed copy-child who “kinda practices business with amazeballs talent, ya know”? This is your business lifeblood we’re talking about, and words can nourish it or make it sick. I take that very seriously.
  • The ability to ask penetrating, pertinent (and, depending on the client), personal questions. I thrive on helping you achieve your goals; connection is fundamental for the writing process—I’m a crafter, not a copy-bot.

“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”

William Bernbach

What I Know to Be Capital-T True.

1. Business Has Both the Potential to Decimate or Erect.

I believe that anything and anyone can be a catalyst for leaving a legacy of greatness, including you and your business. I take part in the legacies that turn the world more towards compassion, innovation, and abundance.

2. Clear Communication Directly Affects Success.

Words empower and destroy nations, build and break brands, consecrate or devastate bonds. The words that fuel your marketing—are they long lasting? Impactful? Will they stay swirling in your audience’s minds long after you’ve placed them there? This is a fundamental purpose of copy: to echo and enchant, to seduce and inform. To keep honest while still maintaining imagination. Because in 2015, people know when when they’re being marketed to…my job is to make them enjoy it.

3. No Matter Who You Are, Your Words Hold Potential
Greater Than You’ve Ever Imagined.

In your board meetings. On line at the grocery store. In bed with your lover. At the car wash. On the phone with your mother. We get to choose our words—our impact on this precious world. I help you make sure that every utterance—on behalf of you or your business—holds attention, and holds water.


I’m South American born and North American bred.

Both a card-carrying New Yorker and frequent globe-trotter.

My work is influenced by a lifestyle of seeking out the sacred in both everyday encounters and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

My happiest place is on my motorbike, in Bali, with a heart-thumping playlist.

I like to share writing on creativityself-realization, and the multiverse called Love.

Also, I enjoy Adventuretime, American Ninja Warrior, and ramen noodles. Because all of those things are addictive. 

Your readership matters to me. Thanks for visiting. I hope my work sparks your soul.

I’ve officially studied:

Bachelors in Creative Writing, Poetry, at Purchase College.
Minored in Anthropology & Women’s Studies.
Here’s my valedictorian speech.
Certificate in Kripalu Yoga, 200 Hour Teacher Training, Kripalu Institute
Transformational Leadership Training, Momentum Education & The Landmark Forum
Online Marketing & Business Training, B-School with Marie Forleo

Vipassana Meditation, New Zealand