Poet Heart, Marketing Mind.
All Truth, All the Time.

Tag. You’re It. Ok, ok. I’ll go first.

Hi there. I’m Laura V. It’s really excellent to meet you.

[[HEADSHOT GOES HERE]] I’m South American born and North American bred. Both a card-carrying New Yorker and a citizen of the world.

I’m also an obsessive autodidact with an insatiable appetence for information.

Which essentially means that I get really, really enthused about stuff and subsequently learn everything I can about it.

Like, for instance: You. Your business, product, service, and pet beta-fish. Your heart. Your anima. Your depth, wisdom and expertise.

Whether it’s an intelligence database or coaching services for a smashing sex life, I hone your voice to meet your vision.

I wield your experience like a thunderstrike to scribe it down in light.

Writing isn’t just what I do; it’s who I am.

How I experience the world. • How I listen. • How I serve.

In my spare time I write about self-realization, humility, and the chasm called Love.
Because communication & connection are my dharma.


Media Bio (AKA: The Black Tie Bio)

Laura Viviana, founder of Lauraviviana.com, has over seven years of word-wrangling with B2B and B2C marketing and advertising copy.

As the former head copywriter for the legal publishing firm ALM Media, her ad copy was featured in elite industry publications, such as The New York Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, Bloomberg.com, and Law.com.

A high-spirited, obsessive, and endlessly intrigued scribe, Viviana’s diamond-sharp messaging is fashioned from years of agency ink-slinging and corporate business writing. She’s also ghosted memoirs of the self-help persuasion and penned marketing collateral for micro-businesses and thought-leaders alike.

Viviana indulges in light bar-brawls with oxford comma dissenters (subsequently hugging it out), teaches yogis how to hang loose in headstand, and broadcasts prayers and love letters (to the Universe, to you, and to objects of questionable consciousness) through Instagram and Twitter.

Additional street cred (peppered with graffiti from NYC to Bali), lives here.


Laura’s copy has been seen in advertisements and marketing materials for the following:



Articles have been in the following publications:

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