AIGA Shout Outs My Brussel Sprout Ad

I completely forgot about this campaign until AIGA tweeted it out a few weeks back via graphic designer Jonathon Cunningham’s portfolio. We concepted and worked on it through Fall 2013 and then it was launched this winter.

Here’s the deal. Every year, praticing lawyers are required to complete a number of CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credits to maintain their status, and every year, they hate it. So I thought…what can we ALL relate to dislike doing but know that on some level it’s good for us? Eat vegetables, of course.

This aim took a normally abysmally boring topic of annoyance and turned it into a humorous poke at something all lawyers (spanning generations) dread. Moreover, it playfully points out that hey, CLE can be good for you! Just like eating your vegetables. Why? We make sure it is.

As for the design, Cunningham said:

The market for CLE providers is very heavily anchored in a corporate style with most of the competition using ‘motivational posters’ for their advertising. Our campaign strategically took an alternate path by using a clean and bold visual style as well as injecting some humor into a very dry subject.

Client: – ALM
Art Director: Jonathan Cunningham
Copy Writer: Laura Viviana
Creative Director: Andrew Barbera