Summer Bonfires and Building Burning Work

The other day I went out to buy some black out shades for my bedroom. Because New York City has this way of pouring light all over you, even when you’re sleeping. I tried nails. I tried those hangy-thingys. I’m just going to cut to the chase: my black out shades are hanging by duct tape. There was a lot of swearing involved. I’m better at constructing paragraphs and sentences. This is why I have such a deep appreciation for people like Nick Fournier, and possibly the faintest shred of jealousy—because within a very brief period of time, I witnessed him build a startlingly gorgeous bonfire and a platform over a rushing river for camping.

I stood on it and watched the afternoon sun thread itself through water; flowing light-locks over black rocks.

In my last post I spoke about staying upstate with a fine crew of people; while I wandered and dreamed in solitude, my friends constructed things with their strong, honest hands.

  It turned out that Nick was just about finished with his new website, only he needed a bio. I decided I’d crank one out for him before brunch, because somebody is a workaholic and has a hard time actually taking vacation and keeping her hands away from keyboards (ahem). You can check it out here, along with Nick’s incredible work. Anyone in the market for a custom staircase? He’s your man.

I think that it was the combination of having built many bios, plus seeing Nick’s genius in action, that allowed me to translate his gift into words in such a short time. I feel so deeply privileged that my job is to witness the greatness in people and communicate that through language. Here’s to a burning New York summer.