Brand Spankin’ New.

My dear friends…Welcome to Jurassic Park. Er, I mean, my new website.

(Ever since I was 9, the old rich guy from that flick pops up in my head every time I say the words “Welcome to”.) Child of the 90’s.

This baby is a long time coming, and it will keep evolving, as all brands do. Since some of you are either professional branders or looking to re-brand, I thought I’d briefly explain some of the process.


Brand Colors


While I did research on the colors that would most appeal to my target audience, I also tend to draw inspiration from random life experiences. One day in Bali, I drove past a gorgeous kingfisher. The sparkling bird laid motionless on a hot black bend in the road, and I stopped to pay my respects and take a shot of it’s brilliance. Those colors ended up being the ultimate inspiration for my brand colors.



While I could never take credit for the incredibly detailed and gorgeous design done by Megan at, I will admit to having a part in it’s inception. During my travels through Colombia last summer, I found myself dizzy from the heat and spacing out on the currency. The illustrative elements you see in the headers were inspired from every time I shelled out cash; they played well into the complexity theme I was weaving throughout the site.


We decided on a thin, clean font for the headers and a classic serif font for headlines. As a hip traditionalist, this suited all my stylistic needs.

Photos & Style

While I often don bright pink lipstick and weird street fashion, I’ve always closely identified with Angelina Jolie’s classic look for professional purposes. I just chopped my locks though, so the photos might change.angiesuit


We experimented and experimented, and arrived at something that was sleek while being curiously whimsical.


You’ll also notice I’ve got some new packages that I’ve been honing for quite some time. Personal brands, startups, LOHAS lifestyles and agency work have woven throughout my career of eight years. Thus, I’ve created special sections for each. Interviews, workshops, and speaking have begun to take on a new role as well; you’ll see that reflected in the sitemap.


I write to you from the battered beaches of New Zealand’s stunning seaside, and warmly invite you to check out the site.

It’s for you, after all.


All is full of love,

Laura V.