My Secret Success Tool

Isolation is my kryptonite. Alone time is my nourishment. There’s a vast difference between the two.

I crave the synchronicity and connection that only a group of people can give me, and also the clarity and inspired thought I access only when I’m by myself. If I’m alone too often, I fall prey to melancholic detachment. If I don’t get solitude, I feel frenetic, fragmented, clouded.

In the last five years, I’ve found best friends, colleagues, clients and soul-mates through groups, mostly with women-centered gatherings. In my experience, women rally around one another to achieve success in a way that’s unheard of in mixed or male-centered packs. For example: I’m in a secret professional copywriter’s group with brilliant, bright and generous women who to the outside world would appear to be my competition but in reality are an incredible resource, support system and cheer squad.

At the present moment, I’m part of three in-person groups and eight online groups, two of which are based off of group-trainings or real-life experiences. That’s a lot of groups, but I never want for time alone.  Here’s where I share some resources with you:

1.) I’ve found incredible insights, deep friendships and paradigm-changing perceptivity through Momentum Education and Landmark Education. Momentum is more heart-centered, Landmark is more Socratic.

2.) I’ve met friends, colleagues and clients through Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy and Hot B-School. The network here is fantastic and the sub-groups are even more stellar.

3.) I studied yoga at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and my graduating class holds a flame of inspired prayer for each other. We are connected through the timeless initiation of yogic tradition and community.

4.) I’ve laughed like a banshee and discovered heaps of  joy in my life through my improv group at the Magnet Theatre.


Well, you know this post wouldn’t be complete without a song, so I’ll leave you with this excellent jam by GroupLove: