Here’s One of the Most Intense Projects I’ve Ever Completed.

So yeah for a chunk of the week I’m hanging out in a corporate break room making people laugh  er I mean daydreaming about boys or the great outdoors dammit, I mean: arduously penning impeccable print and web copy for a highly-educated, extremely astute target audience. Yeah,  that one.

And while I’m aware that you, adored reader, are probably not in the market for legal intelligence, I just had to (HAD TO) tell you about this website I just did.

It took me 3 months and it’s the most complex product I’ve ever worked on. It required the patience of an Indian saint, the endurance of a ice climber, and lots and lots of caffeinated beverages spiked with cocaine.

As with every project that’s got a swash of hands all over it (lucky project), it went through many iterations. I must say this one doesn’t cause me palpitations but you might be able to see my touch in it; the mark of fervor for the beating thrum of words (despite the reigns [and reins] of corporate dynasty on creativity). The product itself is revolutionary in it’s industry, so I wrangled the language to be the perfect  blend of buttoned-up and emotive.

Wanna see?