Your work in this world is a unique expression of who you are and what you have to give.

Your copy should illuminate that.

How will your words affect the future of your business two hours from now? 

What about next week?
What about in 10 years?

Does your copy serve the direction you’re moving with your business? 

Does it aptly express your offerings?

Does it resonate with the vision you have for yourself right now—and the vision you’d like to grow into?

It Can.

I help top-notch business owners, artists, and entrepreneurs express their personal brands with clarity and purpose.

The following sessions are not just about language.

They’re about you becoming and transforming into the next phase of what you’d like to be.

Because yes: words convey. words sell. words captivate. (As they should!)

But, they’re also a catalyst for revelation and manifestation.

And within that, they seismically shift the future you’re writing for yourself.

Dr. Kelly Edmonds

“I call her my ‘forever copywriter’

Laura came highly recommended by a different high-level copywriter, and I’m so grateful I found her. Laura’s ability to hone-in on who I was, what I was about, and what I wanted to share through words was fantastic. Her thorough research of me and my field was so reassuring, because I am a researcher, too. She got me. And her ability to craft words into something that is refreshing and speaks to people is simply impressive. Laura’s client-oriented…she is always 100% there for me until the work is done.Through the work with Laura I am finding my voice in the over-populated world of online businesses, and staying authentic. I will continue to work with her…I call her my “forever copywriter”.”

—Dr. Kelly Edmonds, Wired Learning Designs

1. You’ll provide me with your current copy (even if you hate it) and I’ll provide you with a discovery form.

2. We’ll connect via Skype for a 30 minute question and answer sesh.

3. I’ll jam out on your three must have pages + your chosen ala carte accessories.

4. You’ll blissfully walk away, fully expressed and ready to move forward with your website.

And (2) of the following:

(1) Contact Page
(1) “Welcome to my new site” email for your list
(1) Opt-in blurb for your newsletter
(1) Twitter or Facebook mini-bio

Or (2) of the following:

(1) Tagline
(1) New business name
With these two offerings, I crank out creative names, but don’t do legal research to find out if they are taken.

Intangible deliverables:

1. The comfort of knowing that a vetted copycrafter (who’s worked for hundreds of people just like you) is hot on the chase
to craft the best written version of yourself.

2. A better understanding of what and how you want to communicate online.

3. More time to run your business (or go skinny-dipping or sleigh-riding…your choice) rather than slaving away on copy.
I’ll glady do that for you!

Investment: $2,500.00 USD

After you’ve read Laura’s writing, it’s all you can think about! She sets a whole new standard. Her way with words is truly unparalleled…She’s equally an artist and a copywriter.

A client of mine was looking for web copy for her newly envisioned business and brand. We set out on an extensive search for the perfect writer, someone who were could really set the brand apart online with memorable and stand-out copy. Laura went beyond this challenge…she creates copy that paints the client in the very best light and sets a standard of intelligence, beauty, and sheer honesty with her words. She’s equally an artist and a copywriter, her work is not for the average individual. She is the writer of bold, soulful luminaries that need someone to provide them with a written voice.”  – Lisa Haggis, Strategic Business & Branding Consultant

1. A detailed website map crafted in Trello, complete with conceptual art direction for your designer, in accordance with the copy I write and the vision we discuss.

2. An in-depth inquiry process: from your ideal client to the nitty-gritty of how you work, we’ll collaborate on an intense immersion into you and your business.

3. 2 custom consult sessions about your copy— up to 2 hours each.

4. 5-7 pages of webcopy.
Options include:

Service(s) – Each service counts as 1 page
Mini-Sales Page for new product/service

5. Plus 3 Additional’s:

Business Name
Welcome Email to Announce Your New Webhome
Opt-In Blurb or Sentence for website
Social Media Mini-Bio
Copyedited blog post for your launch
Contact Page

6. Plus: Mini-dictionary of your unique brand language: 1 page of phrases, metaphors, tweetable quotes (by you or leaders in your field) that will serve you as you share your brand with the world.


Instead of 5 & 6, we can collaborate on one major article intended for media outlets like The Huffington Post, Forbes, or similar online venues.

Intangible deliverables:

1. The confidence of a fully realized brand, and the fulfillment of knowing you’ve done all the hard work of representing yourself perfectly.

2. Deep differentiation between yourself and your peers. There’s nobody else quite like you in this world, and your messaging will reflect how this serves others.

3. An online showcase to be proud of: bring on the press.

4. The comfort of working with a vetted copycrafter who’s not only written thousands of pieces and worked with hundreds of clients; but who’ll walk an empathetic path of transformation with you, your brand, and your business.

5. Clarity, enthusiasm, and confidence around your new messaging.

This package is fantastic if you…

– Are interested in the deep, fulfilling, and rewarding experience of collaborating with a copywriter who really cares about your business. This is not a fly-by-night service. This takes easeful effort and the brilliance of hearts—as it should.

– Are brave enough to trust the experience of a senior level copywriter, but also bold enough to step into the new business identity that you desire.
– Have been in profitable business (or a comparable venture) for at least a year.

– Fully comprehend your audience, your mission, your services, and your place in the marketplace. You’re looking at copywriting services because you’ve developed a strong backbone of offerings—not looking for a copywriter to help you figure your internal business issues out.

A note on this very special service…

There’s a difference between copywriting that’s been crafted with pre-fabricated scripts, and copywriting that’s purely original. Most copywriters use the former—hence their very short turn-around times. Think about it this way: you could get a monogramed L.A.M.B bag or have Gwen Stefani make a one-of-a-kind for you. This offer is the latter: an extremely high level of craftwomanship, detail, and experience.

So for this service, this very deep and unique connection that I have with my clients, I don’t use pre-written scripts. Proven formulas, yes. Scripts, no. That’s why I work with only one Transfiguration client per month; why I price it higher than an average senior copywriter prices a website; and why clients who’ve worked with me at this level are still my friends: it’s a relationship, not just a transaction. And it’s more than worth it.

Soloentreprenuer Price (5 pages + 5 & 6, or 7) — $4,375

Small- Mid Business Price (7 pages and potential appropriate add-ons) — $5,500+

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