Seriously, You Should Probably Screw-Up. Advice for People Who’ve Been Asking.

Lately I’ve been attracting 20 year olds. And it’s not because my butt looks good in skinny jeans.
(Although, my personal trainer does kick my ass.)

Creative kids have been asking me a lot about what to do with their lives, right now.

And this is what I have to say:

Make Mistakes In Your Sacred Art.

Make Mistakes From Your Throbbing, Exploring Heart.

Make Mistakes From Your Deep, Wise Guts.

Not the kind of mistakes that come from taking too much ecstasy or driving recklessly sans seatbelt.

I mean the kind of mistakes that start with thoughts like…

“maybe I could try playing that noise rock show wearing a dress made entirely of close-pins…”

Or “maybe I could start that eco-makeup venture…” 

Or  “maybe I could sing the love song I wrote for that guy I like at Pride fest this weekend…”

Yes. Yes you should. 

I’m talking about the kind of mistakes that come from the wild, innocent, dark, daring, unfiltered, tarnished, wounded-yet-healing, supple, tender, sweet, fecund, aching, desirous, entangled, wishful, expanding, timeless part of you.

Not because mistakes actually exist. The concept relies on the idea that we can actually go wrong in life, which, if you’re abiding by the first three headlines, is impossible.

If I could shake your youthful, healthily jointed shoulders and tell you this repeatedly, I would.

And I’m not saying this because you can’t make mistakes into your 30s, 40s, 100s, whatever…but because the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll develop the fundamental layer of courage it takes to continue to make mistakes. Practice in “making mistakes”  (which, but the way, is really just a fearful way of saying taking risks) — will make you perfect in making mistakes, which means you’ll be able to bare your naked chest into the tornado of comparison, perfectionism and “need to look good” —  just a few of the shitty shitty reasons why people older than you have stopped getting excited about life and oppressed within their creativity.

And while the space/time continuum might not actually be real, we are—to some degree—bound by it.
So the sooner you start, the better. Get going. Go fuck shit up.