Stuck in Introversion? Read This.


Back when I lived full time in the States, there were times I didn’t leave my house unless I needed (like, deeply needed) food and toilet paper. (No regrets, YOLO.)

Then I moved to Southeast Asia and most of the time, I paid for someone else to deliver/pick-up/do everything in the outside world for me (not as cool as it sounds) and, needless to say…introversion got even easier to fall into.

(By the way, I’m based in neither of those places anymore…more on that in a later post.)

Anyway: I love my introversion. It’s just that it can get a little out of control. 

For when you need a little help escaping the thick forest of solitude, here’s three easy reminders: 

1. You don’t have to go out with a group of people to get some human exposure. One is just fine.

2. Inspiration is always inside of us, but sometimes we need to experience the manifestation of it in other forms: people, art, music, nature, dance. Let yourself be inspired…go take a walk.

3. You can always go home early. I repeat: you can always go home early. 

4. The world is exhilarated by you, in ways none of us will ever be able to measure or comprehend. When you leave the house, that exhilaration is magically magnified. Karma points for being visible and awesome!

 One last thing: you’re not alone. (Well, technically you might be—but not digitally.)