Behind the buttoned-up exteriors and blinking screens, your SaaS or tech product is sold to heart-beats and breaths — real people, not robots.

Look. Your product might save lives, or make businesses smarter, or even change-up entire economies…but without the fundamental, pitch-perfect words to express what it is and how it works—it’s not going to fulfill its full potential.

Not like you need me to remind you…
but when you’re post series A,
not fulfilling your brand’s potential is a complete disaster.

So, before your marketing and PR managers start blasting your brand in every conceivable corner, you must have a foundation of crisp, on-brand copy.

Copy that matches and supports the genius of your product.

Copy that consistently turns unsuspecting audiences into life-long brand lovers.

Copy that sticks.

I work with mid-sized tech and SaaS companies who’ve developed kick-ass products that need equally on-point writing. Companies who understand that without a strong brand presence, their offering can only get them so far.

Most likely, your business has already hit the ground running with copy, and now needs a re-vamp—and possibly ongoing content generation.

Petri Yooba

“From day one, Laura delivered usable content for our very specialized B2B product. Her ability to quickly dive in and learn our segment was impressive—from there we were pleased with how she was able to strategically place Yooba in the market.

In every aspect of her performance, Laura displayed utmost professionalism; we appreciated how “self-propelled” and ambitious she was, and how easy it was to communicate with her. Laura fully committed to our brand, and was inspiring to work with in both web and other initiatives, like tradeshow materials and print. Through working with her we’ve developed a clarified value proposition, structured messaging, and brand language that serves as a foundation to go forward.”

Petri Koski, Project Manager,

Why Me?

Agency-Trained. Wall Street Schooled. Start-Up Savvy.

As the former head copywriter for ALM Media, I conceptualized and executed keyed-in messaging and high-stakes copy for brands like LegalTech and RivalEdge. My advertising work has been featured on LinkedIn, Citibank, and Bloomberg.

Mikael Thorup

“We were so impressed with Laura’s ability to ask the right questions about our very specialized service, and translate that into powerful copy that truly helped to enhance our offering.

Laura is extremely creative and inspiring to work with—when we first read the copy we had one word to describe it: “fantastisk!” In English, that means ‘Awesome!’”
Mikael Thorup, Project Manager, Labster Virtual Laboratories

As of now, I work with companies through my “Level Up” package, retainer, or project basis.

Level-Up Tech Package:

Everything your tech company needs to ensure your investors won’t be sorry…they’ll be salivating at your sales uptick.

Starting rate: 10K

  • Deep research on your company, competitors, industry and business climate
  • 5-7 pages of website copy
  • 1 whitepaper – up to 10 pages
  • 5 corresponding blog posts
  • (4) 1 hour consults
  • 1 press release

Branding & Messaging Consulting
Taglines & Business Names
Core Website Copy
Sales Pages
Business Bios
Email Campaigns & Sequences

White Papers
Blog Posts
Ghostwritten articles
Product descriptions
Case Studies
Byline Articles

Landing Pages
Press Releases
Web Ads
Print Ads
Social Media Posts

We live in the most inconceivable age right now—the mind boggles at the impact that one product can have. When we work together, I’ll get the low-down on your business and craft a unique, stand-out brand language that’s sure to score.

Because without clear,
compelling copy…your startup won’t sell.

Let’s make it sure it does.