She is extremely creative and innovative, and has an incredible work ethic—quite possibly the best I have ever seen.

Laura is one of the most talented copywriters I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She brings a remarkable passion and enthusiasm to every campaign and her can-do attitude enables her to turn around projects quickly and efficiently. She’s also a joy to work with, and any organization would be very fortunate to have her on their team.”

Lauren Weiner, Director of Marketing, Private Capital Markets, Ipreo

“I had the pleasure of working with Laura while directing creative services within the marketing team at ALM, a NYC digital media company serving the legal community. During that time I came to know Laura as an extremely effective, creative, and professional copywriter.

Laura demonstrated an impressive ability to ingest complex messaging and demographic subtleties and tie them together in highly targeted copy across print and digital communications of all kinds. In an environment supporting multiple brands, products and publications, Laura seamlessly found a voice to highlight the unique user base, geographic sensibilities and capabilities the marketing team sought. She’s very sensitive to the interactive nature of copy and creative and often inspired designers to work toward a shared vision around a campaign or concept. Laura always came to the table with ideas and multiple solutions. She takes feedback and criticism well and edits tirelessly.

In addition to delivering top notch copywriting, Laura is intelligent, witty, funny, and a true team player all around. She made strong connections with colleagues and left a lasting impression on everyone she collaborated with. I feel fortunate to have worked with Laura, to continue to stay connected in our professional circles, and can whole heartedly recommend her as an excellent writer, copywriter, and team member across the board.”

Andrew Barbera, Associate Creative Director, American Express

“After you’ve read Laura’s writing, it’s all you can think about! She sets a whole new standard. Her way with words is truly unparalleled…she’s equally an artist and a copywriter.

A client of mine was looking for web copy for her newly envisioned business and brand. We set out on an extensive search for the perfect writer, someone who were could really set the brand apart online with memorable and stand-out copy. Laura went beyond this challenge…she creates copy that paints the client in the very best light and sets a standard of intelligence, beauty, and sheer honesty with her words. She’s equally an artist and a copywriter, her work is not for the average individual. She is the writer of bold, soulful luminaries that need someone to provide them with a written voice.”  

Lisa Haggis, Strategic Business & Branding Consultant

“Laura took the time to go the extra mile; her ability to hear and integrate feedback while infusing her expertise was top-notch. That’s a tough balance, and she did it like a star.

I had been researching, interviewing copywriters for months and really knew what I was looking for. Some of the high profile writers lacked the flexibility, sensitivity and artistry that I was looking for; they were too focused on marketing hype—exactly the opposite of what I wanted. I decided to work with Laura because she had the sensitivity, curiosity and understanding about what we were looking for….our vision was both difficult to express and out of the ordinary. Laura is real: she’s equal parts forthright and gentle when needed, holding the line where it’s important, and really gets to the heart of what needs to be said while capturing your authentic voice. If you’re ready to spread your wings online, Laura is the writer to do it with, and she’s worth every penny!”

Stacey Goldring, Clinical Consultant & Director of Communication and Education, Acupoint Integrative Testing

From day one, Laura delivered usable content for our very specialized B2B product—her ability to quickly dive in and learn our segment was impressive. From there, we were pleased with how she was able to strategically place Yooba in the market.

In every aspect of her performance, Laura displayed utmost professionalism; we appreciated how “self-propelled” and ambitious she was, and how easy it was to communicate with her. Laura fully committed to our brand and was inspiring to work with on both web and other initiatives, like tradeshow materials and print. Through working with her we’ve developed a clarified value proposition, structured messaging, and brand language that serves as a foundation to move forward.”

Petri Koski, Project Manager,  

“I literally could not stop reading—she had clearly spent hours researching and editing to craft the perfect copy.

I’ve worked with Laura in a two different capacities: first, as a copywriting coach and as a copywriter for my nonprofit, the Hidden Tears Project. Laura’s senior level experience, background in personal development, and incredible sensitivity were what made me choose her to communicate our message. Human trafficking is a difficult issue and I knew she’d be able to write for us in an elegant and compassionate way. Laura stepped up to the challenge and nailed our vision with her words. Furthermore, she made the process comprehensive, yet painless. It’s a vulnerable thing to create a web presence and trust someone else to communicate your ideas—especially when they mean so much to you. Laura is gentle and has a system that works: I recommend her services in a heartbeat.

Jordan Marinov, Choreographer and Director of Hidden Tears Project

“Our last project we worked on with her brought in 113% ROI…Laura can take a dull subject like insurance and create marketing pieces that are not only creative, but the content captures and holds the reader’s attention.

Laura asks many questions before she begins the work so she can understand the industry and the people we are marketing to, and the products I am offering them. The end result is always a successful marketing campaign. I highly recommend Laura”

Larry Trapani, President & CEO, Brooks-Waterburn Insurance Corp

Our project turned out to be successful: not only was she extremely adaptable in her writing style, but she was also communicative and very organized around deadlines—she delivered on all her promises.

Laura has an extensive background in copywriting and came highly recommended by her previous clients. I loved the fact that she’s spiritually “tuned-in” (which made the entire working process very enjoyable), and I felt that she was very aligned with our audience. I was excited to see the passion for personal growth that I felt at our first meeting being delivered in the form of a sales letter—but I was also concerned about a copywriter being able to write in the language that our audience is accustomed to. We had tons of fun working together, and I’m very excited to see this project grow further and make money with the support of her copy.”

Marjam Vaher, Marugata & Together We Are

“Laura’s client-oriented…she is always 100% there for me until the work is done…I call her my ‘forever copywriter’

Laura came highly recommended by a different high-level copywriter, and I’m so grateful I found her. Laura’s ability to hone-in on who I was, what I was about, and what I wanted to share through words was fantastic. Her thorough research of me and my field was so reassuring, because I am a researcher, too. She got me. And her ability to craft words into something that is refreshing and speaks to people is simply impressive. Through the work with Laura I am finding my voice in the over-populated world of online businesses, and staying authentic. I will continue to work with her…I call her my ‘forever copywriter’”

Dr. Kelly Edmonds, Instruction Design Specialist & Educator,

“Within 24 hours of our company’s newsletter going out, we had a major industry leader call us for a job.

I’ve already recommended Laura to everyone I know and will continue to do so! Laura is a terrific listener and knew exactly what we needed to appeal both to the manufacturing as well as the consumer side. With a touch of her creative magic, it came out excellent and we saw results right away.”

Danielle Russo Slugh, Entreprenuer & Director of Marketing, SDL Powdercoating

“You are truly a gifted writer, but also how you connect with people takes your work to whole other level…I am 1,000% happy and satisfied with your work.

One word…beautiful! That’s how I feel about working with you and the work you did in capturing the essence of my work and who I am as a practitioner. You have saved me so much headache and time. Even if I had tackled the copy of my website on my own, it would be nowhere near as beautifully written as your writing. For that I am grateful, and I am recommending you to everyone that needs a copywriter.”

Julie Kim, Entreprenuer, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

“Everytime I recieve her work I am overjoyed with the outcome…I hope to work with her forever.

Laura is not only a copywriter, she is an eloquent poet. She always finds a way to be descriptive and clear in her words at the same time. Working with her is heartfelt and involved; her dedication to my brand is obvious in every word she writes. I’m always excited at the final outcome, because I trust I’m going to impressed. When it comes to copywriting, I’m never going to let Laura go!”

Ericka Rodriguez, CEO & Founder, Axiology Beauty

Laura’s level of care and listening was amazing; she took all of the bazillion words I have to say about my business and condensed it down into an impactful message.

Laura nailed who we are, what we do and our target audience; her copy clearly communicated what we do and how it can solve our client’s problems. Laura was easy to work with, listened, asked all the right questions, got our business, then translated all of that into our voice—but better. Thanks Laura! You were awesome!”

Patty White, CEO & Founder, Surrender to Chance

“She was able to express difficult concepts in clear and simple, yet poetic, ways…she’s committed to getting it done right and she’s very passionate…working with her was collaborative, intimate and inspiring.

I chose to work with Laura because I had taken a workshop with her, and it was clear she knew her stuff. I also loved the warmth and humor I had seen in her writing. I was really excited to have my copy done without having to do it myself, and knowing it was going to be beautiful. Laura’s genuine dedication to “seeing” me and my vision was noteworthy—she even wrote down words she heard me use a lot to make sure the copy came off as authentically Australian. Additionaly, her thorough intake process really guides you in the fundamentals of your marketing and communications strategy. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Mira Rao, Business Consultant & Founder, Audacious Enterprise

“She translated our specialized tech service into powerful copy that truly enhanced our offering.

We were so impressed with Laura’s ability to ask the right questions about our very specialized service, and translate that into powerful copy that truly helped to enhance our offering. Laura is extremely creative and inspiring to work with—when we first read the copy we had one word to describe it: “fantastisk!” In English, that means ‘Awesome!’”

Mikael Thorup, Project Manager, Labster Virtual Laboratories

“The efficiency of a major international PR firm…but with the personal and immediate touch of a trusted advisor.

I decided to work with Laura because she’s creative and smart—but was a little concerned because our turn-around time was tight and immediate. Laura took our rush job and made it happen in a professional and personable manner. I absolutely advise organizations to work with Laura; our final result was exactly what we needed, and then some.”

Jason Gurvitz, Director and Founder, Green Dog Films & The Hidden Tears Project

“I knew I was going to be very particular about what needed to be done and how I wanted it expressed…I couldn’t have been more pleased with Laura’s service.

At first, I had my hesitations about hiring a copywriter, but Laura was open to what I needed and I felt totally comfortable talking with her. Laura’s strength was interpreting my ideas into words as well as perfecting the original copy I brought to her. Because of Laura’s urgency with the project, we were done in no time and I was able to move forward with my new website. Not only that, but she made the whole experience delightful. Laura is simply lovely to work with and I recommend her to everyone that I know!”

Brandi Benson, Founder & Designer,

Her passion, insights and talent shows in her work and has, in turn, has taken our work to another level.

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of using Laura Viviana’s services as a copywriter in a few projects for our clients. Her passion, insights and talent shows in her work and has, in turn, has taken our work to another level. I will continue to hire Laura for future work and recommend her whole-heartedly.”

Ramon Gil, Creative Director, Fresh Concentrate

“I was awe-struck by her capabilities. Laura’s writing has put an idea that was difficult for me to describe into a black and white mantra—her ability to take concepts and write creative, on-point material will truly enhance any brand out there.

My main concern? That somebody from the “outside” would not be able to translate the passion felt by the visionaries of my company to the public. This could not be further from the truth with Laura. She was eager to discover my project, quickly matched the same enthusiasm of our company and then wrote from her heart. The copy delivered the exact inspiration and excitement that we needed; I was awe-struck by her capabilities. I feel like I have a partner now for all of my future endeavors of this company; that is extremely comforting. I’ve referred Laura and will continue to do so, over and over again. If a brand is the emotional connection between consumer and product…Laura’s work is what will communicate and enhance that very connection!”

Natalie Trapani, Chief Operaing Officer, Bowen Media, Inc.

You would be crazy to not hire Laura.

In our industry, our clients need to know the extent of our expertise as soon as they click on our website. Laura’s ability to translate our experience into web copy was incredible, especially with our bios. Before coming into the studio, people had already read about me online and seemed to trust me that much more. Additionally, Laura is a rare individual who really cares about what she does and people in general. My opinion? You would be crazy to not hire Laura.”

Jeremy Geiger, Vice President, Unlimited Auto Sport

“She ALWAYS takes my writing to a  whole new level with her infinite wisdom.

I am a very possessive writer. I guard my words. I hold fast to my voice. There are very few individuals with whom I feel comfortable sharing my work. Laura has a gift for showing me exactly what I need to do to polish a piece or paint a more vivid picture. Her feedback is thoughtful, deliberate and uplifting. She ALWAYS takes my writing to a  whole new level with her infinite wisdom.”

Sue Ann Gleason, CEO & Founder, Chocolate For Breakfast & Conscious Bites Nutrition

“Her work ethic, talent and love for writing has played a great part in making my clients and my company shine.

Working with Laura has been a fantastic experience! Her work ethic, talent and love for writing has played a great part in making my clients and my company shine. She brings joy and passion to all that she does and her presence is a tremendous addition to any work team or environment.

Fred Pesce, Executive Vice President and Creative Director, Vertigo Media Group

“Her communication skills and expert ability to create stunning, cohesive work with passionate reasons behind each application left an impression…it’s rare that you find a smart writer with this amount of talent who’s also extremely polite and easy to work with.

We needed a senior level copywriter that was both smart and creative, and after seeing Laura’s portfolio we knew she was the writer for the job. We were under a tight deadline with a major financial client—but Laura hit ever crazy request we threw at her. Additionally, we were concerned about budget—but she ended up overdelivering. We feel happy to have her in our network of go-to contractors for these highly involved projects.”

Angelica Direggio, Senior Account Manager, Direggio Advertising

“Even as an artist, she’s not concerned with her words (and ego), but rather with getting the right words for the client…working with Laura was life-changing.

I was referred to Laura by a friend of friend and I totally trusted that I was on the right path with her, but I was still concerned about what my copy would be like and how it would sound when people read it. However, working with Laura was fabulous: her openness and willingness to discuss writing without her own emotions getting in the way helped bring bring my authentic voice to life. She is so easy to work with!”

Oskar Saville-Doyle, Energy Healer & Transformational Advisor

Laura’s honesty, commitment to quality and delivering great copy that I loved was the result of pure dedication; it might be cliche to say, but Laura is simply a great writer!

My coaching practice was nacsent, experiences diverse, and my mind had a sky’s worth of starry ideas for my website copy—none of which were clear or all that engaging. When I approached Laura, I was looking for clarity and dynamic copy. I was a little nervous about how I was going to have a strong public voice: saying to the world “this is who I am and how I contribute.” Moving forward with my business, I’m feeling focused, grounded, and open.”

Cecilia Parsons Culverhouse, Esq., Business Consultant & Social Entrepreneur

“Nothing is left to mere ‘glances’: she puts every attention and detail into what she provides for her customers, and adds a little flare in between.

“I had known Laura for years and already trusted her, but when I saw her work acclaimed on a national and international level, it confirmed my respect and admiration for her dedication to her craft. Working together, I was impressed by Laura’s professionalism, attention to detail and, most importantly, clear and concise instructions on how to blog and write SEO content effectively. Laura is a beautiful person inside and out; it not only shows in her personality, but also in her work. Moving forward, I am confident working within a different framework in terms of online exposure and giving my clients what they need. I find adding a personal touch to every encounter, as Laura did with me, creates a more lasting and positive impression.”

Stephanie Brock, Brock Business Strategies

“Fantastic copy on the website! Really great work, and I like that it’s to the point and very convincing. Impressive!”

Michael Bodekaer, CEO & Founder of Livit, TEDx Speaker, and Serial Entrepreneur